Ashlee Simpson is Not Wearing Lingerie

So when it was announced that Ashlee Simpson is in Victoria's Secret's new ad campaign, well, let's just say I was a bit more than excited. The thought of Ashlee Simpson in victoria's Secret lingerie is a good one.

So you can understand that when I saw these pictures of Ashlee Simpson performing at the Victoria's Secret Pajama Party, wearing what looks like a lot more than lingerie, I was somewhat dissapointed. I thought it was standard for the girls who represent Victoria's Secret to be wearing nothing but skimpy underwear at all times. I mean, this mock corset that Ashlee has on is definitely leaving way too much to the imagination.

At least she's showing some fairly nice cleavage, and doing that tongue thing she does. I like that. That's sexy. Now make with lingerie! More pictures of Ashlee Simpson not wearing sexy underwear after the jump.

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