Ashlee Simpson Has a (Victoria's) Secret

Well, we weren't lucky enough to see Ashlee Simpson nude in Playboy, but we may be getting the next best thing. According to the New York Daily News, Ashlee Simpson is the new face (or is that body?) of the new Victoria's Secret line called Pink.

It will soon be announced that the 21-year-old will front the campaign for Victoria's Secret's new line, Pink. She beat out finalist Kelly Clarkson to become the face (and hips and legs and ... well, everything else) of the new line of younger, "cuter" lingerie.

Okay, so this is some interesting news. Will "cuter" mean less sexy? Let's hope not. Still, as always, we take what we can get, but this is pretty good news. Now, let's just hope that Pink isn't Victoria's Secret's new Amish collection.

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