Archives: July, 2006

I Really Don’t Like Mel Gibson
Lindsay Lohan Isn’t Too Exhausted to Wear Another Bikini
Heidi Klum Nude Pictures from Jane Magazine
Eva Pigford: America’s Next Topless Model
Lindsay Lohan’s Bullshit Exhaustion
Weekend Links
Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman: Together at Last
Stephanie Seymour Bikini Pictures – Because She Looks Better than Giselle Bundchen
Gisele Bundchen Bikini Pictures – Because I Haven’t Found Petra Nemcova Yet
So, Is Halle Berry Pregnant?
Don’t Go to Spain
Scarlett Johansson’s Birthday Lapdance
Natalie Portman to be the Prettiest Simpsons Character Ever
Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized for “Exhaustion”
Keira Knightley is Kinda Crazy
More Lindsay Lohan Bikini Pictures – Now with Extra Ass!
‘N Sync is Gay
Stop Taking Pictures of Natalie Portman – Part 3: Paparazzi Attack Mode!
So Close to an Emmanuelle Chriqui Nipple Slip
Scarlett Johansson Hearts Reebok
Bad Motherfuckin’ Snakes!
Lindsay Lohan Parties With Jeremy Piven… In a Bikini. No, Lindsay’s in the Bikini, not Jeremy Piven
Jessica Alba Takes Her Bikini for a Walk
Eva Longoria’s Bikini is Causing Global Warming
Please, Somebody Make It Stop
More Jessica Simpson Bikini Pictures from Cabo
Tara Reid’s Nipple Slip is Child Abuse
Uma Thurman Can’t Get a Date
Weekend Links
Mischa Barton Almost Slips it All
Where’s Waldo Christina Aguilera?
Jessica Biel Dates a John for $30,000
Lindsay Lohan vs. Paris Hilton: Fight! – That Bitch Hacked My Blackberry
You Are So Fucking Hot
Jessica Simpson’s Breasts Want You to Buy Her Album
Ashlee Simpson is Not Wearing Lingerie
Petra Nemcova is in Prague, and I’m Not… Yet
Jessica Simpson Knows What the Boys Like
I Can’t Wait for The CW
Ego Trip? No, Euro Trip!
Have You Seen Baby Suri?
Lindsay Lohan vs. Paris Hilton: Fight! – The Firecrotch Saga Continues
Christina Aguilera Likes It See Through
Jeri Ryan, Engage(d)
I Pity the… Oh, You Know the Rest
These Lindsay Lohan Bikini Pictures Brought to you by Her Real Estate Agent
Tara Reid Bikini Pictures Make Me Wanna…
Another Mischa Barton Nipple Slip
Jessica Biel Wants to Date You
Weekend Videos Are Back!
Weekend Links
Lindsay Lohan Side Boob
Nikki Cox: The Breasts Are Real. The Rest, Not So Much
Is That a New Baby Bump?
Keira Knightley: “I Don’t Have Any Tits”
Mischa Barton Goes Back to School
Paris Hilton Deserves the Nobel Prize
The Quiet = The Sexy
Jessica Simpson Bikini Pictures
Lindsay Lohan Blow Job Pictures!? Really!?
Natalie Portman NOT Nude in Goya’s Ghost – It’s a Body Double
Kate Moss Nipple Slip Pictures
Insert Chappelle’s Show Quote Here
Natalie Portman Wants a Nice Jewish Boy
Eva Longoria: No Makeup, No Good
Natalie Portman in Indiana Jones 4?
Lindsay Lohan is Proactiv
Sienna Miller and James Franco
Post-Weekend Wastedness
Addicted to Lindsay Lohan Bikini Pictures
Kate Hudson: You, Me and Bikini
Halle Berry’s Boyfriend is Prettier Than She Is
Rosario Dawson is a Total Nerd
Weekend Links
Petra Nemcova Makes Paris Hilton Jealous
Lindsay Lohan Bikini Pictures – Now with Video!
Zach Braff Wants Jessica Simpson
Egotastic! Advice
Lindsay Lohan is All Growed Up and Very Dirty
Kristin Cavallari Bikini Pictures
Keira Knightley Just Isn’t Into Her Boyfriend
Still Even More Lindsay Lohan Bikini Pictures – Now with a Hint of Nipple
Jessica Biel Bikini Pictures
Even More Linday Lohan Bikini Pictures
Chicas Muy Calientes
More Lindsay Lohan Bikini Pictures
Evangeline Lilly Has Airport Trouble
Courteney Cox Bikini Pictures
Jessica Alba Bikini Pictures
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Lindsay Lohan Bikini Pictures
PMS Turns Keira Knightley Into a Gay Man
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Time to Take Out the Trash
Ashlee Simpson Has a (Victoria’s) Secret
Lindsay Lohan’s Secret Birthday Plans Are Not So Secret
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Officially Dunzo – as in Divorced
50 Million Visitors is Kind of a Lot