Toni Braxton Nipple Slip and Ass Slip at the World Cup


When you’ve got the attention of four out of five people in the world, you can put on a show that’s pretty boring, and most people will still be entertained. It happens at the Olympics every four years, and it happened this year at the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany opening ceremonies too. The star attraction at this year’s ceremonies was Toni Braxton and Il Divo performing the World Cup theme song “The Time of Our Lives.”

But it seems like Toni wanted to give the crowd a little something extra, and she did just that. So what was that “little extra” in her performance? How about showing her ass to everyone in the world. With a gust of wind, Toni Braxton’s dress was above her waist, leaving her in her panties. But as if that wasn’t enough, at the rehearsals, Toni was also wearing a dress slit up to her crotch, and not only that, she poped out of the top of her dress too. Yes, on top of everything, a Toni Braxton nipple slip was included, just fo fun I guess.

I don’t know what made Toni Braxton have two “wadrobe malfunctions” in a row, but she must be on something. It’s like she’s taking fashion advice from Janet Jackson, and health advice from Whitney Houston.

Check out the pics of Toni Braxton’s nipple slip and ass slip below. Oh, and there’s even a video of the event too. I haven’t watched the whole thing though, because, well, the song is really crap.


And check out more pics of Toni Braxton’s upskirt incident after the jump.