Teri Hatcher Bikini Pictures

Alright, I didn't really want to post these Teri Hatcher bikini pictures, what with her being super gross and all, but while I may be feeling nauseaus at the mere sight of Teri Hatcher in a bikini, I realise that some of you sick readers out there actually think she looks good. And this is a great opportunity for me to make fun of her.

But of all the things I hate about Teri Hatcher, her Diva hell-spawn attitude, her ridiculous lack of talent, the fact that everyday she looks more and more like Tori Spelling, I am very visually reminded that there was absolutely no reason for her to be cast in that Seinfeld episode about the woman with the spectacular breasts.

I concede, they may be real, but spectacular? No. Maybe in the sense that they are perhaps a spectacle, as in something to be laughed at or ridiculed, but they are nowhere near the perfection they were lauded to be in that classic episode of Seinfeld. And if you've seen The Cool Surface, well, you know what I mean.

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