Somebody Give Kate Bosworth a Cheeseburger

If you're a regular Egotastic! reader, then you probably know how excited I am for the new Superman Returns movie. Minus a few reservations, like the colours of the Superman suit, I'm really hyped to see it. However, there is another reservation I've always had in regards to the movie, and that's the choice of Kate Bosworth to play Lois Lane.

I'm not questioning her acting ability, though, from everything I've seen in the trailers, there is no sign of her actually playing Lois Lane as the spunky, no-nonsense, tough girl she's supposed to be. I just never thought she really fit the part, and in all honesty, I think she was brought on board because Kevin Spacey wouldn't have played Lex Luthor without her in the film.

But seeing these pictures of Kate Bosworth has me even more worried. I know she's always been a skinny girl, but this is kind of ridiculous. With those sunglasses on, she literally looks skeletal. You can practically see right through her, and you don't even need X-Ray vision. Please, somebody, give Kate Bosworth a cheeseburger.

These Kate Bosworth pictures are kinda small, but then, so is she, so lets call it thematic.

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