Kate Beckinsale Gives Her Husband a Head

Hey girls, don’t you just hate it when you’re pleasuring your guy on the beach, and the Paparazzi just happen to be there? Well, next time it happens to you, just take a cue from Kate Beckinsale and her husband Len Wiseman, and laugh the whole thing off. It’s totally normal, and everyone does it. There’s really no need to be embarrassed.

Of course, since you’re not Kate Beckinsale, pictures of you in a rather compromising position probably won’t end up on the internet (at least not on celebrity gossip sites on the internet), but I’m sure if you work hard enough, someone will take notice.

Alright, so Kate Beckinsale probably wasn’t trying to go down on her husband in public, but she was trying to sneak a peek at his package. Such a naughty girl. At least it’s nice to see the couple are able to keep their marriage interesting.