Kate Beckinsale’s Amazing Squirting Nipples

So Kate Beckinsale was on The Tonight Show the other day, and apparently she said something rather odd. I know that celebrities like to have good anecdotes when doing the talk show circuit, but this really falls under the “too much information” category. According to The Sun Kate Beckinsale revealed that she has quite the party trick: Squirting milk from her nipples… across the room.

I do miss breastfeeding. I was good at it. I got more than my fair share – I could hit the wall from quite a distance! I do have some useless talents.

Um… WTF!? That’s just about the weirdest thing I’ve heard in a while, but even weirder is why she would say that on TV in front of millions of people. I know she’s trying to drum up publicity for her new movie, but is the breastfeeding fetishist crowd really that influential?

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