Jessica Alba Wants to be Topless

Alright, here’s news that makes you both love and hate the Paparazzi at the same time. In a vicious circle of celebrity nudity, Jessica Alba has said that she really wants to sunbathe topless, but she doesn’t because of the paparazzi, reports Life Style Extra.

“I would do if it were just me and my guy, but the paparazzi seem to pop up everywhere.

“I think I’ll be wearing a bikini. Bikinis are more flattering on my body.”

So, without the paparazzi, there wouldn’t be any pictures of topless celebrities on the beach, but with the paparazzi, the really hot ones (or at least the intelligent ones) won’t get topless. So what can you? Hope, pray, wait. At some point, some where, Jessica Alba will think she’s all alone, and no one’s watching. But there’s always somebody watching. Always…

And since we’re on the subject, I’ve decided to do a retrospective of ALL the Jessica Alba bikini pictures from the archives. There’s probably over 200 pics, so definitely hit that jump link.

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