Eva Longoria is Really Annoying

As if it wasn’t enough that Eva Longoria acts like a total bitch, it seems she’s also really, really annoying. According to Star Magazine, Eva Longoria has a thing for gongs, and banging them in the early morning.

Eva Longoria indulges in a new-age ritual at her Hollywood Hills home that isn’t as peaceful as she seems to think. Eva, 31 — who recently said that she and boyfriend Tony Parker have to spiritually connect every day — “wakes up her neighbors at 5:30 a.m. every morning,” a bleary-eyed local grouses to Star People. “Her morning ritual involves striking her gong several times. Eva is darling and very sweet, but the gong thing is driving the neighbors nuts!”

Talk about self centered. Can’t she just wear a stupid red bracelet like every other Hollywood cult member? And who the hell even has a gong these days. It’s like she went out of her way to find the most annoying way to express her “spirituality.” Once again, Eva Longoria needs to be smacked.

At least she’s really, really pretty. And speaking of which, check out the rest of the Eva Longoria pictures after the jump.