Scarlett Johansson Is Not Getting Naked

It looks like Scarlett Johansson has been causing quite the headache for the bigwigs over at L’Oreal. Even though Johansson has a $5 Million deal with the cosmetics firm, she has refused to appear naked for their new campaign.

The blonde star – who has editorial control over her deal with L’Oreal – is said to be desperate to ditch her sex-kitten image.

For her recent shoots, Scarlett – who posed naked for a recent Vanity Fair cover – has been seen arriving wearing long white dresses and no make-up.

A source told Britain’s The Mail on Sunday newspaper: “Understandably L’Oreal, which spent a fortune signing Scarlett, and actresses Eva Longoria and Penelope Cruz, want her sexy screen siren glamour.

“There has been a series of creative differences. She had a problem with the last ad she shot for body lotion. There were a few heated exchanges.”

I love how they refer to not wanting to get naked as “creative differences.” Maybe I’ll use that one to describe the next girl who doesn’t return my calls. “Oh, yeah. It didn’t work out with that one. We had creative differences.” Of course, I’m not paying $5 Million for my dates…

Anyway, since I obviously don’t have any pictures of Scarlett Johansson naked, I suppose these pictures of her looking incredibly busty on the set of The Nanny Diaries will have to do for now. Lots more after the jump.

News Update: We may see Scarlett Johansson nude in a movie after all.