Rebecca Romijn Likes her Sex Kinky and Public

Celebrities are pretty easy to fantasize about, especially when they look like Rebecca Romijn, but it gets so much better when they start talking about how they're into kinky sex. According to Life Style Extra In an interview with The U.K.'s News of the World, Romijn dished on her favourite sexual fantasies, and turn ons.

I love to be nude and I love sex. Being a dominatrix in the bedroom, sex in cars and in public places all turn me on. And I love fantasising about being naked on an island with lots of other naked people.

So how come there's no Rebecca Romijn sex tape? We have to suffer through Paris Hilton's piece of crap, night-vision video, but we can't get a tape of Rebecca Romijn and her kinky sex life? What the hell is that! That just isn't fair.

Check out more pictures of Rebecca Romijn at the photocall for X-Men 3: The Last Stand at the Cannes Film Festival, after the jump.

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