Natalie Portman Nude in Goya’s Ghost?

Alright, let’s take this all with a grain of salt, but according to Ain’t It Cool News, not only will Natalie Portman deliver a great performance in her next movie, Goya’s Ghost, she will also be naked. That’s right, Natalie Portman nude!

But how can this be you ask? Hasn’t Natalie always been opposed to doing on-screen nudity? Well, if you take her word for it, you would definitely get that impression. Not once, but twice did Natalie Portman say she wasn’t going to get naked on film.

First she said:

I would be happy to do nudity in a film that was appropriate. But because it’ll end up on a porn site, that’s what keeps me from doing it. If a character goes through something that a woman goes through, then I’ll play it.

And then:

I will not allow myself to be on a porn site… I don’t want to be used by someone else for turning me into something that I’m not.

But now, if you believe what AICN is saying, Natalie Portman does actually appear nude in Goya’s Ghost, in an interrogation scene.

Now, [this] isn’t some bullshit interrogation involving comfy chairs and being poked with soft cushions. This is some major torture. Her hands are tied behind her back and then she is lifted off the ground… BY HER WRISTS! If you think that this sounds painful, well, you should see it. One more thing about this scene… NATALIE PORTMAN’S NAKED! (Well, at least the unfinished special effect of Natalie is.) It’s not necessarily the ideal place to see her nude, but, you take what you can get, right guys?

So, once again, I’m not going to say anything definitive on this one, since we all got our hopes up for those supposed nude scenes in Closer, only to have director Mike Nichols cut, and burn the scenes out.

And speaking of Closer, here are some caps from the closest Natalie has come to getting naked on screen, plus many more after the jump.

Update – March 19, 2007: The Natalie Portman nude scenes from Goya’s Ghost are now up.

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