Ashlee Simpson Has New Lips Too

At the rate that Ashlee Simpson is having new surgical procedures done to her face, within the next few years, she will either look like Michael Jackson, or that crazy rich lady who looks like a cat. Seriously, Ashlee Simpson's new lips look absolutley ridiculous.

It's as if she's trying to make them match her way-too-big sunglasses. Sunglasses which make her new nose look ridiculously small, by the way. I really don't understand celebrities. They're obsessed with having perfect proportions, but they take everything to the utmost extreme, and end up looking like walking caricatures.

I don't know what Ashlee Simpson is trying to accomplish with all the plastic surgery, but she should stop before the only thing real left about her is the fact that she can't sing.

More pictures of Ashlee Simpson and her new, collagen filled lips, after the jump.

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