Ashlee Simpson and Her New Nose

Last week we caught the first blurry glimpses of Ashlee Simpson after her nose job, but you couldn’t really see too much in those. Well, here are a ton of new pictures of Ashlee at the SunFest concert in Florida from this Saturday, and I must say, those docs did a great job.

Ashlee Simpson‘s new nose looks great, and makes her look way hotter than she did before. Now just a little work on that chin, maybe, and you won’t be able to say a bad word about her. Well, about how she looks anyway. That voice could still use a bit of a tune up. Of course, she’ll never need a boob job, that’s for sure. She may have gotten a nose job, but that’s really not where I’m looking.

Over 60 more pictures of Ashlee Simpson looking sexy after the jump.