Lindsay Lohan Ass Slip

Leave it to Lindsay Lohan to make the most of any opportunity for publicity. Since a repeat nipple slip was pretty much out of the question at the G-rated Nickelodeon Kids Choise Awards, Lindsay opted for something a little less risqué, going with the “Ass Slip” instead. I mean I guess that’s what we should call it, right? I know some people like the term “upskirt,” but I think Ass Slip is better.

Lindsay Lohan Ass Slip. Sounds a bit weird, I know, but say it again a few times. It’ll grow on you. Kind of like one of Lindsay’s diseases…

Also, some other things to consider. Where is Lindsay Lohan’s underwear. She could be wearing a thong, but from this angle, it looks as though she’s going commando. And a few cheeseburgers would really do that girl some good. I’m posting these ass slip pictures because it’s funny, not because her flabby ass is in any way appealing.

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