Sienna Miller Nude Pirelli Video and Pictures

In light of the recent Sienna Miller post about the downward spiral of her self-control, the appearance of this video from her Pirelli calendar photoshoot couldn’t be more apropos. It features a scantily clad (meaning almost nude) Sienna Miller dancing topless on a tabletop and kissing another model. Essentially, the type of behaviour you can expect from her on a typical night out at the clubs. Apropos indeed.

Update: I’ve had to take down the Pirelli video, but just so you don’t go away unhappy, there is still this from Alfie. Hell, you see way more of Sienna Miller’s naughty bits in that one anyway.

And of course, here are the Sienna Miller nude and topless photos from her Pirelli calendar photoshoot. Update: Had to take down the pictures too. Sorry.

Sienna Miller Topless Pictures from Vanity Fair
Sienna Miller: Naked Painter