Janet Jackson is Too Fat to Sing

Have you ever wondered what happens to pop stars who were once thin and sexy, but then balloon up in weight so that they're hardly recognizable? Well, in the case of Janet Jackson, her record label, Virgin Records, is refusing to release her latest album until Jackson loses weight, and returns to her former size. Page Six reports that this latest humiliation is just another in a long line of unpleasant events in Janet Jackson's life, of late.

"Janet had a really bad year," our spy said. "After the incident at the Super Bowl [two years ago], it just went downhill. Her album 'Damita Jo' was a flop. Then her brother Michael had the child-molestation trial - it just wasn't good to her."

Jackson found solace in food and, as recent photos will attest, has packed on the pounds. "This new album is supposed to be pretty good, but Virgin feels it can't market it without Janet being back in fighting form, so they have hired her a personal trainer and put her on a diet. She has to lose at least 20 pounds."

But a pal said: "Janet always gains weight when she's not working - and always loses it in time to promote her albums. Janet always takes care of it when it matters."

20 pounds!? It looks to me like she's gonna need to lose a lot more than that to be anywhere near her former glory. In all honesty, though, I'm fine with her staying the way she is. Who needs another Janet Jackson album, anyway?

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