63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards Mega Picture Post - Now with Live Blogging

Okay, this post is ridiculously long, so I've moved it all after the jump.

Let's just say that Live-blogging an award show is insane, and I ain't doin' that again, at least not till the Oscars.

Alright, hit this link for all 229 Golden Globes pictures...

Or hit the this link for the full live-blogging experience.

Looks like this post was just too big, and the database wasn't very happy about that. Most of the live-blogging text was lost, but the pics are all still there. Maybe next time, I won't go minute by minute...

Anne Hathaway

Charlize Theron

Debra Messing

Diane Kruger

Ellen Pompeo

Emilie De Ravin

Emmy Rossum

Eva Longoria

Evangeline Lilly

Felicity Huffman

Geena Davis

Gwyneth Paltrow

Hilary Swank

Jaime Pressly

Jenny McCarthy

Jessica Alba

Kate Beckinsale

Katherine Heigl

Keira Knightley

Laura Linney

Mandy Moore

Maria Bello

Maria Menounos

Mariah Carey

Marcia Cross

Mary Louise Parker

Michelle Williams

Natalie Portman

Nicolette Sheridan

Pamela Anderson

Penelope Cruz

Rachel Weisz

Reese Witherspoon

Renee Zellwegger

Rosario Dawson

Scarlett Johansson

Teri Hatcher

Virgina Madsen

Zhang Ziyi

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