Hey Jude! Sienna’s Dad is Gonna Kill You!

Sienna Miller‘s on-again-off-again, cheating-with-the-nanny, sleeping-with-your-best-friend relationship with Jude Law is evidence enough that she doesn’t know how to break up with someone. Luckily for her, she has her dad to do the dirty work for her. According to the Sun, Mr. Miller told Jude that if he ever cheats on Sienna again, he’s a dead man.

Here’s Sienna’s outlook:

If you are in love with someone, you stay with them regardless of what happens… He is just too close to me to cut out of my life.

And here’s how her father puts it:

He did a lot of hard work, trying to figure out who he was. And I told him if he did anything like this again, I’d kill him.

Frankly, I’d be just as scared of her, as her dad, if I was Jude Law. She’s got quite the temper, and we all know how Sienna Miller handles the paparazzi