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Celebrity Halloween Highlights
Lindsay Lohan’s Bathroom Antics
Superman II Richard Donner Special Edition DVD
Star Wars DVD Easter Egg: Yoda Dance
Weekend Links
Jessica Alba Likes Porn
Sienna Miller and Ethan Hawke Dating?
George Takei (Sulu) is Gay
Would You Like Some Links With That?
Kristen Bell Has No Social Life
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Elisha Cuthbert Pictures from Arena
Lindsay Lohan Makes the News Larger
Britney Spears’ Post Pregnancy Pounds
Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling Engaged?
Natalie Portman: Football Fan or Soccer Hooligan
And in Other News…
Lindsay Lohan Music Video
More Erica Durance Pictures from Smallville
Bryan’s Blog #26
Link Stuff
Natalie Portman Pictures
Dominic Monaghan to Propose to Evangeline Lilly
Underworld Evolution Trailer
Gwyneth Paltrow Shows Her Proof
Ashlee Simpson Has a Really Long Tongue
Weekend Quick Links
Erica Durance: Your Reason to Watch Smallville
Emmanuelle Chriqui Nipple Slip Pictures
Lindsay Lohan Brunette Pictures
So Much Gossip. So Little Time.
She Looka Lika Man
Avril Lavigne Pictures: Before and After
Rose McGowan Arrested
Kirsten Dunst’s Alleged Alcohol Abuse
Short Links
Heidi Klum’s New Baby
Why Won’t They Just Go Away!?
Who is Rachel Bilson Dating? Me Maybe?
Transformers Update
4 Million!!!
Celebrities Are People Too
Jessica Biel Pictures from Esquire
Keira Knightley Can’t Save Domino
Links for Your Weekend
Daniel Craig Is James Bond. For Real This Time
Elisha Cuthbert Has a Fine Hat
Jessica Alba Takes on the Sexiest
You were saying…
There’s Something About Charlotte
Keira Knightley (and Others) at Domino Premiere
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Lindsay Lohan Bitches Out the Help
Cameron Diaz is Addicted to Poker… And Bikinis?
Erica Durance Bikini Pictures
Wow! That’s A Lot of Star Wars News
Chock Full of Linky Goodness
The Flash on DVD
Hey! Is That Jessica Alba’s Nipple?
Jessica Biel: Sexiest Woman Alive
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Keira Knightley Strip Tease Video
Rocketeer Collectible Helmet
What Else is Up?
Katie Holmes is Pregnant
Nick and Jessica: The NewlyUnWeds
All the Celeb News You Don’t Want to Know
Natalie Portman Pictures from Vogue
Janet Jackson Nude Paparazzi Video
Lindsay Lohan Car Crash
Evangeline Lilly Has Nothing to Hide
And the Nobel Prize Goes to… Bono!?
Nicolas Cage Names Baby Kal-El
Bryan’s Blog #25