19-YO Emma Kenney And Jess Gabor Had A Hot Lesbian Make Out On Shameless

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earl-jonas - March 6, 2019


Those of you who assumed Emmy Rossum's waning number of nude scenes on (as well as impending departure from) Shameless would affect the series' bottom line of sexiness can breathe a sigh of relief. Rossum's on-screen little sister Emma Kenney is somehow already nineteen-years-old, which means we get to check out her Shameless antics. On the most recent episode, titled Lost, Kenney found herself in the arms of cutie Jess Gabor, and went in for a hot lesbian smooch before Gabor got cold feet. While Emma is much more than just a "y" away from fulfilling the void left by Emmy, this isn't a bad start. Not at all. Oh my God, they kissed Kenney!


Photo Credit: Mr. Skin

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