007 Legends Shows How Movie-like a Video Game Trailer Can Be (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - October 6, 2012

Never have words sprawled across a screen been so powerful as they are in this opening sequence for 007 Legends. It's amazing because the video game is based on all of the James Bond movies --even the Roger Moore ones-- and that's one film franchise studied by visual artists around the world because of it's usually fantastic opening title sequences. I mean, that's real artsy stuff.

In any case, the game has a fancy opening title sequence that will surely be the best among video games this year --mainly because games are interactive and opening title sequences are both unrelated to the gaming experience and usually "skippable" by pressing a button. Sorry amazing graphic artists who worked on 007 Legends' opening scene but most of the audience for this game won't see more than a few frames of your work. I blame all the artificial sugar in that audience's diet. Just because it's better for your teeth doesn't mean that stuff isn't evil.